How to recover your Data after Factory Reset: Android

How to recover your Data after Factory Reset: Android

If you are looking for how to recover your lose data on your phone than, you are on the right track. Most of the time many people have to reset their phone, the factory reset or the master reset use to delete everything from the device. Factory reset or master reset is one on the most common, and it became necessary on a device, whenever our phone is getting slow or something going wrong on our phone we use to reset our phone, and sometime when we reset by mistakenly we use to lose all the important data such as phone, contacts etc. from our device. It is the same as reformatting our computer hard disk. So here is a solution for how to restore your formatted files.

What factory reset do?

Factory reset is a setting where you can clean up your phone completely in your Android phone. Factory reset will delete your data only from your phone internal storages, and it will bring your phone in default setting. Which means all your Data such as install apps, contacts, photos, videos etc. will be deleted completely will were install on your phone internal storages.

Sometime you may press the factory setting by mistakenly, which will lead you to format your important data, so from now you will not fall in such problem, we has find for the solution for this problem, read carefully and understand the article. We will explain below, how to avoid such kind of problems.

How to recover your formatted data:

There are many ways to recover your data, now a day’s one of the most important thing what most of the people do is that they use to backup their data, in online storages, which is call as cloud service like from Google or Microsoft. For storing your data for backup I will truly recommend you to use this method of storing your data. But for this you will have to update or synchronization your data regularly, so that all your data will be up-to-date always.

Option for restoring your backup data:

For restoring your backup data there are many option, here I’m going to mention some of the important and easy method for restoring your backup data.

Method 1:  Restoring from Google account.

This the one of the most old and easiest way to backup your data, this method is use by many people seems long time before. Only you need to do is you will have to set a Google account on your Android device and enabled synchronization for all the files? One of the most important thing which remember that is always keep your data synchronization up-to-date, this will keep all your data safe, and you also will able to restore your data any time even after your factory reset or in any device, even if you lost your mobile phone, this will help you to restore our same data in your new mobile device, thing you need to do is just signup your new device with the same Google account which you have use previously.

Method 2: Restoring from your backup data:

Many Android phones are endowed with local back up app or function. If you have backed up data regularly, then, after factory reset, just go to “Settings” > “Back up & restore”, and select the latest backup file to restore data from backup.

Android Data Recovery after Factory Reset without Backup:

What we see is that most of the people they forgot to backup their data before they performed a factory setting, and they unfortunately loss their all the data. So if you also have across the situation like this or you may also can fall in such a situation like this, to avoid this such kind is situation you must prepare from the beginning,

There is a one of the apps which will help you to avoid such kind of situation, this apps is called ‘Gihosoft Android Recovary Free’ this apps is free to install for all the Android device. To use this app follow the step by step Guide:

Step 1: Download and install Gihosoft Android Recovery freeware to your computer first. Next, run the program and select the data you want to recover and click “Next”.

Step 2: Then enable USB debugging on Android phone and connect it to computer via USB cable. When the program recognized your phone successfully, click “Start” to scan the device and search for lost data.

Step 3: Finally, preview all found data in details and choose those you want to get back, and then click “Recover”. The selected data will be saved to your computer in readable format.

By using this free backup android apps you can backup all your data such as videos, music, text messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp and Viber messages & attachments, etc.

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